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Need a water pump installed? The experts at Patterson Well Drilling can help you. Turn to us for reliable pump installation services and more. We're well equipped to handle your residential, municipal, or commercial pumping systems.


We're a local, family owned and operated company that's been in business since 1932.

You can rely on us to always provide you with quality services.


Are you a pumping contractor? If yes, ask about our installation DISCOUNTS.

Get efficient water pump installation services

Comprehensive pump services

  • Complete pumping systems services

  • Hand pump installations

  • Pressure tanks

  • Storage tanks

  • Pump repairs

  • Constant pressure systems

Need a pump installed or repaired? Call us for a

FREE estimate.


Improve the efficiency and durability of your pump

Let us keep your pumping systems in top condition

Over the course of time, your pump can encounter problems such as corrosion, overheating and leaks. When you face such issues, hire our team to quickly and efficiently resolve your pump problems.


Regular pump maintenance and repair services from us will not only help your pump run efficiently, but also improve your pump’s durability. We also provide a 5-year warranty on our services.