Water Well Service in Barnhart, MO

At Patterson Well Drilling, we have been a mainstay in Barnhart since we opened for business in 1932. Our family-owned, local water well service has had the privilege of serving the best customers in Missouri for nearly a century. Our fully insured, bonded, and licensed business works diligently to uphold a stellar reputation as the top well service in Barnhart. We only hire the most knowledgeable, experienced, and professional individuals to join our well service team. Whether you require pump supplies, 24-hour emergency services, repairs, installation, or drilling, it is our joy to be of assistance. Reach out to us today and request a free quote on any of our various services or let us know how we can help with your next well project!

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What are water wells and what is their job?

A well is basically a deep hole excavated into the ground to access the water underground. This water finds its home in an aquifer, a system of porous rock or sediment. A pump works together with an intricate pipe system to transport this water to the surface, while a screening mechanism is employed to filter out impurities and prevent obstructions. Wells provide water to millions of houses around the country, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the specific demands of every property.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Residential wells provide a consistent water supply for daily home needs. Water well companies typically drill 6-inch diameter wells at depths ranging from 100 to 500 feet, depending on the water’s quality and location. Because poor spacing can pose health risks, local and state ordinances require safe well-to-house proximity.


When it comes to securing a dependable and unvarying water source for agriculture or livestock, agricultural wells are an excellent choice. Typically designed with a 6-inch diameter, these wells are celebrated for their safety and cost-effectiveness when compared to municipal water supplies. Your water well contractor will persist in drilling until they access an aquifer that aligns with the unique requirements of your property. Although not suitable for domestic or irrigation use, agricultural wells remain a highly convenient, steadfast, and reliable component of any animal care regimen.


Municipal (or industrial) wells require the drilling of a sizable 10-inch borehole. In order to meet the demands of the city or facility, your reliable well contractor has to locate a high-volume aquifer. These wells are interconnected with storage systems that serve entire towns or major facilities. Effective coordination between your local well service, municipal authorities, and engineering professionals ensures that the well fully complies with all standards and regulations.


Because they meet needs like agriculture, water treatment, irrigation, hydrofracturing, and more, commercial wells are a smart choice when significant water volume is required. Installing these wells is a more intricate process for contractors due to their larger diameter (usually ranging from 8 to 24 inches) and deeper drilling to reach substantial water reserves. Installation necessitates the use of specialized materials and equipment, as well as commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume usage. Before beginning construction, our water well company must complete a comprehensive application for your city, which includes a detailed site plan and flow test data, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

What services do well companies offer?


As a well-established Barnhart water well service, we specialize in managing complicated well systems and handling their maintenance challenges. Rely on our seasoned professionals to guarantee a continuous supply of water to your home. Whether you have a pump malfunction, reservoir complications, or any other substantial concern, our team is well-prepared to tackle the task at hand.


Pumps are stored in reservoirs, tanks, cisterns, or wells, and they play an important role in ensuring reliable access to water. Routine maintenance from your local well service in Barnhart is the best method to keep your pump running smoothly. Call Patterson Well Drilling if you need a pump installed, replaced, repaired, or serviced.


Patterson Well Drilling, your reliable local well provider, customizes wells to precisely match your unique requirements. Leveraging decades of experience, our expert water well service meticulously crafts each well to surpass your every need, ensuring continuous access to pure water with precise drilling at predefined specifications.


Selecting the right well company is vital for your daily water needs. Patterson Well Drilling not only brings extensive experience, but also remains updated on the newest industry techniques and technologies. If your well needs replacement, we offer free estimates. Our thorough approach, from choosing the ideal well location to the drilling process, is designed to surpass your expectations consistently.


Routine well upkeep will help you avoid expensive service interruptions and will guarantee optimal performance. Our customized maintenance plans handle any potential concerns ahead of time, saving you money on repairs, ensuring consistent water access, and catering to your specific demands and lifestyle.


Water well installation is a precise, multi-step process that requires expertise and attention. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes every aspect of the process, guaranteeing a well-crafted and durable installation for any purpose.

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