Water Well Service in Caledonia, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been an institution in Caledonia since our doors first opened in 1932. For almost a century, our family-owned, local water well service has been honored to take care of the most wonderful customers in Missouri. Our fully licensed, insured, and bonded company works hard to maintain an outstanding reputation as the most trusted well service in Caledonia. When we hire individuals for our well service team, we only choose the most skilled, professional, and qualified personnel. We are happy to help you with 24-hour emergency services, pump supplies, installation, repairs, or drilling. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on any of our services or to let us know how we can assist you with your upcoming well project!

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are essentially deep holes bored into the earth to access water far beneath the surface. This water is housed in a permeable layer of sediment or rock called an aquifer, where it’s naturally absorbed. Pipes and a well are used to bring this water up, and a screen keeps particles at bay to prevent clogs. Wells are used as a domestic water source in millions of American houses, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes to fulfill the individual demands of a property.

What services do well companies offer?


Regular well maintenance assures long-term performance and avoids expensive service outages. Our tailored maintenance plans are designed to proactively tackle potential issues, sparing you from costly repairs, preserving continuous water access, and accommodating your specific needs and lifestyle.


When we install a well, we must complete many precise steps – each of which calls for a great deal of attention and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling makes every step of the project a priority to give you a dependable and lasting well.


Pumps are essential for dependable water access, and they are stored in cisterns, wells, tanks, or reservoirs. Routine maintenance from your local well service in Caledonia is the best method to keep your pump running smoothly. If you require pump-related solutions, such as installation, replacement, repair, or service, don’t hesitate to contact Patterson Well Drilling.


Selecting a proficient well company is crucial as water is an essential part of your everyday routine. Patterson Well Drilling, with its rich experience, takes pride in staying abreast of every innovation in our field to deliver top-notch service to our customers. If you need a well replacement, we provide free quotes. Our meticulous approach, extending from selecting the ideal well location to the drilling process and beyond, is designed to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.


We’ve earned a stellar reputation as a well-known Caledonia water well service, celebrated for our proficiency in fixing even the most intricate well systems. Place your trust in our skilled professionals to ensure the uninterrupted flow of water to your home. Whether it’s a pump issue, reservoir trouble, or other extensive problems, our team is well-equipped for the job.


Patterson Well Drilling, your trusted neighborhood well specialist, specializes in crafting unique wells tailored to fulfill each customer’s specific requirements. Leveraging nearly a century of experience, our seasoned water well service meticulously designs your well, drills with pinpoint precision, adheres to meticulously planned specifications, and ensures uninterrupted access to pristine water for our valued clients.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Commercial wells are an ideal solution for applications requiring a substantial volume of water, such as agriculture, irrigation, hydrofracturing, and water treatment. Their complexity for contractors stems from the need for greater drilling depth and a larger diameter, typically ranging from 8 to 24 inches, to access an adequate water supply. Installation demands the use of specialized equipment and a commercial-grade pump designed for high-volume usage. Prior to starting construction, our water well company is obligated to submit a comprehensive application to your city, including a detailed site layout and flow test outcomes, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Municipal (or industrial) wells involve the excavation of a sizable, 10-inch borehole. Your dependable well contractor must locate a high-capacity aquifer capable of meeting the water requirements of the facility or city. These wells connect to storage systems that serve entire communities or large facilities. Close coordination between your local well service, municipal authorities, and engineers guarantees the well complies with all established standards and criteria.


When it comes to securing a dependable and unvarying water source for agriculture or livestock, agricultural wells are an excellent choice. This type of well is often dug at 6 inches in diameter, and they are hailed for their safety and cost efficiency in comparison to municipal water supplies. Your water well contractor will diligently drill until an aquifer aligning with the specific agricultural requirements of the site is reached. While not suitable for irrigation or domestic use, these wells offer the benefits of reliability, consistency, and convenience, making them a valuable asset for animal care.


Residential wells ensure a reliable water source for day-to-day household requirements. Water well companies typically bore a 6-inch diameter hole at a 100- to 500-foot depth, depending upon location and water quality. Adherence to local and state regulations is vital, as they specify a safe distance between the well and the house to ensure that the well’s location doesn’t compromise human health and safety.

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