Water Well Service in Fletcher, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of Fletcher since way back in 1932. For the better part of a century, our family-owned, local water well service has been fortunate to serve Missouri’s best customers. Our fully bonded, insured, and licensed business works hard to maintain an excellent reputation as the most dependable well service in Fletcher. We select only the most talented, experienced, and qualified people to join our well service staff. We are delighted to assist you with 24-hour emergency services, drilling, repairs, installation, or pump supplies. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our services or to discuss how we can help you with a future well project!

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What services do well companies offer?


Establishing a water well demands a meticulous, multi-step procedure that calls for skill and precision. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes each step of the project in order to provide you with a dependable and long-lasting well.


Selecting the optimal well company is crucial, as daily water access is a necessity. Patterson Well Drilling not only boasts experience, but also takes pride in staying at the forefront of industry innovations to deliver top-notch service. If your well needs to be replaced, we provide free quotes. We employ a meticulous approach that ensures your full satisfaction, from selecting the finest site for your well to drilling and beyond.


Pumps find their storage in a variety of locations, including reservoirs, tanks, cisterns, or wells, serving a vital function in ensuring the consistent availability of water. Maintaining their optimal function requires regular upkeep from our local well service in Fletcher. When you need pump-related assistance, whether it’s installation, replacement, repair, or service, don’t hesitate to contact Patterson Well Drilling.


Consistent well upkeep guarantees sustained performance, preventing pricey service interruptions. Our tailored maintenance plans are designed to proactively tackle potential issues, sparing you from costly repairs, preserving continuous water access, and accommodating your specific needs and lifestyle.


As a renowned Fletcher water well service, we handle intricate well systems and their repair challenges. Trust our specialists to keep your residential water supply running smoothly. Be it a pump malfunction, reservoir issues, or any other substantial concern, our team is well-equipped to handle the task efficiently.


Patterson Well Drilling, your preferred local well service, constructs one-of-a-kind wells to fit our customers’ every requirement. Leveraging decades of experience, our adept water well service meticulously creates each well to outperform your expectations, drilling with pinpoint accuracy and adhering to predefined specifications to ensure the continuous provision of clean water.

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are deeply excavated holes that are drilled into the earth to reach water deep beneath the surface. This water is stored in a layer of porous sediment or rock called an aquifer, where it is soaked up. A pump, along with an intricate network of pipes, serves to transport the water to the surface, while a filtering screen is utilized to prevent clogging by particles. Wells provide water to millions of houses around the country, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the specific demands of every property.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Residential wells provide a reliable water source for daily household requirements. Typically, water well companies create a 6-inch diameter borehole, reaching depths of 100 to 500 feet, depending on location and water quality. Safe well-to-house separation is mandated by local and state regulations to mitigate potential health concerns.


Commercial wells are a practical choice for applications like agriculture, water treatment, irrigation, and hydrofracturing, where substantial water volume is crucial. Planning and installing these wells poses increased complexity for contractors due to their deeper drilling requirements and the need for a larger diameter – typically ranging from 8 to 24 inches – to access sufficient water reserves. Installation necessitates specialized equipment, materials, and commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume usage. Before beginning construction, our water well company must complete a comprehensive application for your city, which includes a detailed site plan and flow test data, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Agricultural wells stand out as an excellent option for those seeking a reliable and unwavering water supply, whether for farming or livestock needs. They offer a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative to municipal water supplies, often featuring a 6-inch diameter. Your water well contractor will persist in drilling until an aquifer aligned with the specific water requirements of your property is found. While agricultural wells are not ideal for household or irrigation use, they are a very practical, consistent, and dependable part of any animal care routine.


Industrial (or municipal) wells require the creation of a significant, 10-inch bore. To fulfill the water requirements of a city or facility, your trusted well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. These wells are connected to storage systems capable of serving substantial facilities or entire communities. Your local well service collaborates closely with engineers and local authorities to ensure that each well fully complies with essential requirements and standards.

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