Water Well Service in Valles Mines, MO

Since 1932, Patterson Well Drilling has maintained a strong presence in the Valles Mines area. As a family-owned, local water well service, we’ve been privileged to serve our dedicated customers throughout the great state of Missouri for almost 100 years. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our full licensing, insurance, and bonding, which we maintain consistently to uphold our esteemed reputation as the premier well service in Valles Mines. Our remarkable team is made up of highly skilled, seasoned, and professional well specialists, dedicated to surpassing your every expectation. Whether it’s drilling, installation, repair, 24-hour emergency services, or pump supplies, we’re always eager to meet your exact needs. Contact us today to explore how our team can best serve you or to request a complimentary quote for any of our many well services.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Industrial (or municipal) wells require the establishment of a significant, 10-inch bore. Your trusted well contractor must identify a high-volume aquifer to meet the facility or city’s water demands. These wells connect to storage systems that serve entire communities or large facilities. Your local well service will partner with engineers and local authorities to ensure that every well satisfies all relevant requirements and standards.


Agricultural wells provide an excellent solution for securing a dependable and uniform water supply, whether for farming or livestock purposes. These wells, typically boasting a 6-inch diameter, offer a more cost-effective and animal-friendly option compared to municipal supplies. Your water well contractor will drill to reach an aquifer suited to the property’s agricultural demands. While agricultural wells are not well-suited for domestic or irrigation purposes, they are still a very convenient, consistent, and reliable part of any animal care routine.


Residential wells provide a consistent water supply for daily home needs. Water well companies commonly bore wells with a 6-inch diameter, reaching depths of 100 to 500 feet, contingent on water quality and location. Adherence to local and state regulations is vital, as they specify a safe distance between the well and the house to ensure that the well’s location doesn’t compromise human health and safety.


Commercial wells are an excellent solution when a large volume of water is needed for agriculture, irrigation, hydrofracturing, water treatment, or other applications. Because of the greater depth requirements and the large diameter necessary (typically 8 to 24 inches) to reach an adequate water reserve, this type of well is more difficult for a contractor to plan and build. We must incorporate a commercial-grade pump built for high-volume use, and special equipment is needed for installation. Before beginning construction, our water well company must submit a lengthy application to your city, which includes a detailed site layout and flow test results.

What services do well companies offer?


Selecting the appropriate well company is vital as it directly impacts your daily water access. Patterson Well Drilling not only brings extensive experience, but also remains updated on the newest industry techniques and technologies. For well replacements, we provide complimentary estimates. Our thorough process, from choosing the ideal well location to precise drilling, is designed to surpass your expectations consistently.


Patterson Well Drilling, your favorite local well resource, tailors unique wells to match the precise needs of our valued customers. With nearly a century of expertise, our seasoned water well service crafts each well with precision, adhering to carefully devised specifications and ensuring that our customers enjoy uninterrupted access to pristine water.


Pumps are a vital component in ensuring consistent water availability and are stored within cisterns, wells, tanks, or reservoirs. Maintaining their optimal function requires regular upkeep from our local well service in Valles Mines. If you require pump-related solutions, such as repairs, servicing, installation, or replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Patterson Well Drilling.


Our renowned Valles Mines water well service is recognized for our ability to repair any well system, no matter how complex. Depend on our wealth of experience to maintain a seamless water supply to your household. Whether you’re facing troubles with a reservoir, pump, or any other multifaceted challenge, our team is well-equipped to take on the job.


Creating a water well is a meticulous, multi-step endeavor that demands precision and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes every aspect of the process, guaranteeing a well-crafted and durable installation for any purpose.


Steer clear of costly service interruptions and ensure peak performance through regular well maintenance. Our personalized maintenance plans are strategically crafted to anticipate potential issues, align with your lifestyle and needs, uphold uninterrupted water access, and spare you from the burden of expensive repairs.

What are water wells and what is their job?

A well is a deep pit dug into the earth to reach subterranean water reserves. This water is contained within an aquifer, which acts like a sponge, holding it within permeable rock or sediment layers. With a combination of pipes and a pump, the water is brought to the surface, and a screen ensures that debris doesn’t cause clogs. Wells serve as the primary water source for countless American households, and they vary in design and size to meet the unique requirements of each property.

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