Water Well Service in Cedar Hill, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of Cedar Hill since its inception in 1932. Our family-owned, local water well service takes pride in serving the remarkable customers of Missouri after nearly a century in business. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in our full licensure, insurance, and bonding, which we maintain diligently to preserve our esteemed reputation as the most reliable well service in Cedar Hill. We meticulously select each individual for our well service team, prioritizing their skills, professionalism, and qualifications. Whether you require 24-hour emergency services, pump supplies, installation, repairs, or drilling, we are delighted to assist. Reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate on any of our services or to discuss your upcoming well project in depth.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What services do well companies offer?


Creating a well involves a sequence of detailed procedures, each demanding meticulous attention and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling places emphasis on each stage of the process, guaranteeing the creation of a reliable, long-lasting well suited for any purpose.


Picking a skilled well company is crucial because water is essential for your everyday life. Patterson Well Drilling not only brings extensive experience, but also stays updated on the latest industry techniques and technology. If you’re in need of a well replacement, we provide complimentary estimates. Our detailed approach, spanning from selecting the optimal well site to the drilling process and beyond, is crafted to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Pumps are stored in wells, cisterns, tanks, or reservoirs, and they play a critical role in reliably accessing water. Routine maintenance by your local well service in Cedar Hill is the best way to keep your pump working efficiently. Give Patterson Well Drilling a call for pump installation, replacement, repair, or service.


Routine well maintenance will help you avoid costly service interruptions and ensure peak performance. Our tailored maintenance programs take a proactive approach, addressing potential issues in advance. This approach not only saves you from costly repairs, but also ensures a continuous water supply and caters specifically to your unique needs and lifestyle.


As a renowned Cedar Hill water well service, we handle intricate well systems and their repair challenges. Rely on our seasoned professionals to guarantee a continuous supply of water to your home. Whether you have a reservoir issue, a pump problem, or another complex concern, our crew is the best one for the task.


Patterson Well Drilling, your preferred local well service, constructs one-of-a-kind wells to fit our customers’ every requirement. Our seasoned water well service employs nearly 100 years of experience to design your well, drill with accuracy, follow every meticulously planned specification, and provide our customers with constant access to fresh water.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


A sizable, 10-inch bore is required for an industrial (or municipal) well. To fulfill the water demands of the city or facility, a reliable well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. This type of well is connected to a storage system that is capable of serving sizable facilities or whole communities. Your local well service maintains a strong collaboration with engineers and local authorities to ensure adherence to all pertinent standards and regulations.


Residential wells are installed with the aim of meeting the daily water demands of individual households. Typically, water well companies excavate a 6-inch diameter well that reaches depths between 100 and 500 feet, depending upon water quality and location. Compliance with state and local regulations ensures a proper distance between residences and wells to prevent potential health risks.


Agricultural wells serve as a reliable water source for livestock and farming needs. They offer a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative to municipal supplies, typically featuring a 6-inch bore. Your water well contractor will bore down to tap into an aquifer tailored to the agricultural requirements of the property. While not intended for irrigation or domestic purposes, the dependability, consistency, and convenience of these wells make them invaluable for animal care and agricultural operations.


Commercial wells are an excellent solution when a large volume of water is needed for agriculture, irrigation, hydrofracturing, water treatment, or other applications. Their complexity for contractors stems from the need for greater drilling depth and a larger diameter, typically ranging from 8 to 24 inches, to access an adequate water supply. Specialized equipment, materials, and commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume use are essential for installation. Prior to starting such projects, our water well company is obligated to furnish a comprehensive application to the city, complete with flow test findings and a site plan, to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations.

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are deeply-bored holes in the earth that exist to obtain water far beneath the earth’s surface. This water resides in porous rock or sediment layers known as aquifers, which act as natural reservoirs to soaking water up. Pipes and a pump are employed to draw water to the surface, with a screen preventing particle blockages. Millions of households across the nation rely on wells for their water supply, with a range of sizes and designs available to meet specific property requirements.

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