Water Well Service in Richwoods, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of Richwoods since way back in 1932. Our family-owned, local water well service takes immense pride in serving our dedicated customers throughout Missouri, which we have had the pleasure of doing for nearly a century. As a trusted local business, we hold full licenses, insurance, and bonds, and insurance that support our goal of maintaining an unsurpassed reputation as the most reliable well service in Richwoods. In assembling our well service team, we meticulously choose the most skilled, experienced, and qualified individuals. Whether you need pump supplies, 24/7 emergency assistance, repairs, drilling, or installation, we are dedicated to providing solutions to your every requirement. Reach out to us today for a free estimate on our services or to discuss how we can complete your upcoming well project.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Municipal (or industrial) wells mandate the drilling of a substantial, 10-inch bore. To cater to the water requirements of the city or facility, a trusted well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. These wells are intricately linked to storage systems capable of providing water to sizable facilities or whole communities. Close coordination between your local well service, municipal authorities, and engineers guarantees the well complies with all established standards and criteria.


Commercial wells are primarily designed to meet substantial water needs, serving purposes such as hydrofracturing, water treatment, irrigation, and agriculture. Installing these wells poses greater complexity for contractors, given their larger diameter (typically 8 to 24 inches) and greater depth requirements to ensure access to larger water reserves. Installation necessitates commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume use, along with specialized equipment and materials. Our water well company must provide a comprehensive application to the city for such projects, including flow test results and a site plan, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Agricultural wells are proven to be a steadfast water source for both livestock and farming needs. Cost-efficient and safer for animals compared to municipal supplies, these wells typically have a 6-inch diameter. Your water well contractor will persist in drilling until they reach an aquifer that aligns with the specific water requirements of your property. While not suitable for household or irrigation purposes, agricultural wells remain a practical, reliable, and dependable component of any animal care regimen.


Residential wells provide a reliable water source for daily household requirements. Typically, water well companies construct wells with a 6-inch diameter, delving to depths of 100 to 500 feet – which depends upon the location and water quality. Adherence to local and state regulations is vital, as they specify a safe distance between the well and the house to ensure that the well’s location doesn’t compromise human health and safety.

What services do well companies offer?


Consistent well maintenance secures sustained performance and sidesteps costly service disruptions. Our personalized maintenance plans anticipate potential issues, aligning with your lifestyle and needs to ensure continuous water access and save you from expensive repairs.


Crafting a well involves a series of intricate steps, each requiring meticulous attention and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling places importance on every phase of the project, ensuring the delivery of a reliable, enduring well tailored to your needs.


Pumps are indispensable for ensuring reliable water availability and are typically housed in cisterns, wells, reservoirs, or tanks. Routine maintenance by your local well service in Richwoods is the best way to keep your pump working efficiently. For pump service, replacement, repair, or installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Patterson Well Drilling.


Choosing a qualified well company is critical because water is a necessity in your daily life. Patterson Well Drilling not only boasts extensive experience, but also stays abreast of industry innovations to offer our customers the latest and greatest. If you need a well replacement, we provide free quotes. Our meticulous approach, extending from selecting the ideal well location to the drilling process and beyond, is designed to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.


As a well-respected Richwoods water well service, we specialize in managing complex well systems and resolving their maintenance issues. Trust our experts to ensure that your household water supply remains uninterrupted. Whether you have a reservoir problem, a pump difficulty, or any other sophisticated issue, our team is up to any challenge.


Patterson Well Drilling, your reliable local well provider, customizes wells to precisely match your unique requirements. With almost a century of experience, our seasoned water well service employs precision drilling, strict adherence to meticulously planned specifications, and an unwavering commitment to offering you uninterrupted access to clean water.

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are deep holes dug to access water hidden deep beneath the surface of the earth. This water resides in porous rock or sediment layers known as aquifers, which act as natural reservoirs to soaking water up. A pump, combined with an intricate piping system, collaboratively carries the water, with a filter screen in place to strain out impurities and prevent obstructions. Wells serve as the primary water source for countless homes across the nation, available in a myriad of sizes and designs tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual properties.

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