Water Well Service in House Springs, MO

Since 1932, Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of the House Springs community. It has been a true joy for our family-owned, local water well service to serve our loyal customers in Missouri for the better part of a century. As a trusted local business, we hold full licenses, insurance, and bonds, and insurance that support our goal of maintaining an unsurpassed reputation as the most reliable well service in House Springs. Our dedicated team includes only the most professional, seasoned, and dedicated well specialists. Our comprehensive service offering includes drilling, repairs, installation, pump supplies, and 24/7 emergency assistance. We are honored to be of service and encourage you to call us today to explore how our crew can fulfill your needs or to schedule a free estimate for any of our many services.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Residential wells provide a dependable water supply for everyday household requirements. Water well companies typically bore a 6-inch diameter hole at a 100- to 500-foot depth, depending upon location and water quality. To mitigate potential health risks, state and local regulations mandate a safe separation between homes and wells.


Municipal (or industrial) wells involve the excavation of a sizable, 10-inch borehole. To fulfill the water requirements of a city or facility, your trusted well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. This type of well is attached to a storage system that can serve large facilities or entire communities. A strong partnership between your local well service, engineers, and local authorities guarantees strict adherence to all applicable standards and regulations.


Agricultural wells offer a steadfast water source for both farming and livestock. Often boasting a 6-inch diameter, these wells stand out as a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative to municipal supplies. Your water well contractor will diligently drill until an aquifer aligning with the specific agricultural requirements of the site is reached. While not suited for irrigation or domestic purposes, the reliability, consistency, and convenience of agricultural wells render them highly advantageous for animal care.


Because they meet needs like agriculture, water treatment, irrigation, hydrofracturing, and more, commercial wells are a smart choice when significant water volume is required. This type of well is more complicated for a contractor to plan and install because of their larger depth requirements and the sizable diameter required (usually 8 to 24 inches) to reach a sufficient water reserve. For installation, we must install a commercial-grade pump designed for high-volume use, and we must also utilize special equipment and materials. Our water well company is required to submit an extensive application to your city before commencing construction, which includes a detailed site plan and flow test data.

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are essentially deep holes bored into the earth to access water far beneath the surface. This water resides within porous sediment or rock layers known as aquifers, acting like natural sponges. To carry this water up, pipes and a pump are employed, while a screen keeps debris at bay to prevent blockages. Across the nation, millions of households rely on wells as their primary water source, with a variety of sizes and designs tailored to address the specific requirements of each property.

What services do well companies offer?


Choosing a qualified well company is critical because water is a necessity in your daily life. Patterson Well Drilling is not only highly experienced, but we also regularly re-educate ourselves on the most recent and cutting-edge industry techniques and technology. If your well needs to be replaced, we provide free quotes. Our careful approach ensures that we meet your expectations, from choosing the right well location to drilling and far beyond.


Patterson Well Drilling, your trusted local well specialist, tailors wells to perfectly suit your specific needs. Leveraging nearly a century of experience, our seasoned water well service meticulously designs your well, drills with pinpoint precision, adheres to meticulously planned specifications, and ensures uninterrupted access to pristine water for our valued clients.


Water well installation is an exacting, multi-step process that necessitates experience and care. Patterson Well Drilling makes every step of the project a priority to give you a dependable and lasting well.


Pumps are strategically located in reservoirs, tanks, wells, or cisterns, playing an indispensable role in ensuring consistent water access. The most effective approach to maintaining their operational efficiency is through regular maintenance offered by our local well service in House Springs. For any pump-related services, repairs, replacement, or installation, feel free to reach out to Patterson Well Drilling.


Routine well maintenance will help you avoid costly service interruptions and ensure peak performance. Our custom-tailored maintenance plans are meant to anticipate any potential difficulties in order to accommodate your lifestyle and needs, assure constant access to water, and save you money on costly repairs.


Renowned for our top-notch House Springs water well service, we excel in rectifying even the most intricate well system issues. You can rely on our professionals to keep your household water supply flowing. Whether you have a pump malfunction, reservoir complications, or any other substantial concern, our team is well-prepared to tackle the task at hand.

For 24-hour emergency services, to schedule a free estimate, or to connect with a well drilling expert, call Patterson Well Drilling at (636) 586-8667.