Water Well Service in Hillsboro, MO

Since 1932, Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of the Hillsboro community. As a family-owned, local water well service, we’ve been privileged to serve Missouri’s wonderful customers for nearly a century. Our dedication is underscored by our full licensing, insurance, and bonding, which we rigorously uphold to maintain our esteemed reputation as the most reliable well service in Hillsboro. Our commitment to excellence is clear when you meet any of our well-qualified, professional, and skilled team members. Whether it’s drilling, installation, repairs, pump supplies, or 24-hour emergency services, we’re delighted to meet your every need. Reach out to us today for a free estimate on our services or to discuss how we can complete your upcoming well project.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are essentially excavations driven into the earth to reach groundwater located deep underground. This water is stored within layers of porous rock or sediment, aptly named aquifers, which act as natural reservoirs. To access it, pipes and a pump are employed, and a filtering screen prevents debris from causing blockages. Across the nation, millions of households rely on wells as their primary water source, with a variety of sizes and designs tailored to address the specific requirements of each property.

What services do well companies offer?


Patterson Well Drilling, your trustworthy local well company, tailors wells to your specific needs. Our seasoned water well service develops each well to exceed your expectations, drilling with accuracy at predetermined specifications to guarantee uninterrupted access to clean water.


We deal with sophisticated well systems and associated repair issues as a well-known Hillsboro water well service. Count on our skilled team to maintain an uninterrupted water supply to your home. Whether you’re facing pump concerns, reservoir issues, or any other significant problems, our team is well-prepared to tackle the task with expertise.


When we install a well, we must follow a series of specific steps, each of which requires a great deal of attention and knowledge. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes each step of the project in order to provide you with a dependable and long-lasting well.


Selecting the right well company is pivotal, given that water access is integral to your daily routine. Patterson Well Drilling is not only highly experienced, but we also regularly re-educate ourselves on the most recent and cutting-edge industry techniques and technology. For well replacements, we offer complimentary quotes. From well location selection to drilling, our meticulous approach ensures that we exceed your expectations.


Pumps are typically housed in cisterns, tanks, wells, or reservoirs, and their significance lies in ensuring consistent water availability. To uphold their peak performance, regular maintenance by our local well service in Hillsboro is paramount. If you require pump-related solutions, such as installation, replacement, repair, or service, don’t hesitate to contact Patterson Well Drilling.


Regular well care prevents costly interruptions and maintains optimal performance. Our customized maintenance plans proactively address any potential issues to save you from expensive repairs, maintain consistent water access, and cater to your exact needs and lifestyle.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Industrial (or municipal) wells require the establishment of a significant, 10-inch bore. To cater to the water requirements of the city or facility, a trusted well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. These wells are integrated into storage systems capable of serving large-scale facilities or entire communities. Your local well service collaborates closely with engineers and local authorities to ensure full compliance with all necessary requirements and standards for each well.


Agricultural wells serve as a reliable water source for both livestock and farming needs. They offer a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative to municipal supplies, typically featuring a 6-inch bore. Your water well contractor will persist in drilling until an aquifer is discovered that aligns with the specific water demands of your property. While agricultural wells are unsuitable for household or irrigation use, their practicality, reliability, and consistency make them an indispensable element of any animal care regimen.


Residential wells play a crucial role in ensuring a reliable water source for daily household requirements. Water well companies commonly excavate wells with a 6-inch diameter, reaching depths varying from 100 to 500 feet, contingent on water quality and location. Local and state regulations mandate appropriate spacing between wells and homes, as inadequate separation could give rise to health concerns.


Commercial wells are a practical choice when substantial water volumes are needed for purposes like agriculture, irrigation, water treatment, and hydrofracturing. Installing these wells is a more intricate process for contractors due to their larger diameter (usually ranging from 8 to 24 inches) and deeper drilling to reach substantial water reserves. Installation demands the use of specialized equipment and a commercial-grade pump designed for high-volume usage. Before beginning construction, our water well company must submit a lengthy application to your city, which includes a detailed site layout and flow test results.

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