Water Well Service in Mineral Point, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been deeply rooted in the Mineral Point community since 1932. Our family-owned, local water well service has had the privilege of serving the best customers in Missouri for nearly a century. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our full licensing, insurance, and bonding because we work tirelessly to uphold our reputation as the finest well service in Mineral Point. Our fantastic staff consists of the most skilled, seasoned, and professional well specialists you could ever meet. Whether it’s drilling, installation, repair, 24-hour emergency services, or pump supplies, we’re always eager to meet your exact needs. Reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate on any of our services or to discuss how we can make your upcoming well project a success.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What services do well companies offer?


We’ve built a solid reputation as a top-tier Mineral Point water well service that excels in resolving even the most complex well system issues. Count on our skilled team to maintain an uninterrupted water supply to your home. Whether you encounter challenges with your reservoir or pump or you face other intricate problems, our crew is the most reliable choice to address these matters.


Consistent well upkeep guarantees sustained performance, preventing pricey service interruptions. Our tailored maintenance programs take a proactive approach, addressing potential issues in advance. This approach not only saves you from costly repairs, but also ensures a continuous water supply and caters specifically to your unique needs and lifestyle.


Pumps are indispensable for ensuring reliable water availability and are typically housed in cisterns, wells, reservoirs, or tanks. Periodic maintenance by our local well service in Mineral Point is critical to keeping them in good working order. For any pump-related services, repairs, replacement, or installation, feel free to reach out to Patterson Well Drilling.


Patterson Well Drilling, your reliable neighborhood well establishment, personalizes wells to precisely match your distinct prerequisites. Leveraging decades of experience, our adept water well service meticulously creates each well to outperform your expectations, drilling with pinpoint accuracy and adhering to predefined specifications to ensure the continuous provision of clean water.


Ensuring your daily water needs are met makes choosing the right well company essential. Patterson Well Drilling brings not only extensive experience, but also a commitment to staying updated on the latest industry techniques and technology. For well replacements, we provide complimentary estimates. Our meticulous approach, spanning from choosing the optimal well location to the drilling process and beyond, is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Crafting a well involves navigating numerous meticulous steps, each demanding considerable attention and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes each aspect of the project to ensure a dependable, long-lasting well for any application.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Commercial wells are intended to meet extensive water needs, such as water treatment, irrigation, agriculture, and hydrofracturing. Installing these wells is a more intricate process for contractors due to their larger diameter (usually ranging from 8 to 24 inches) and deeper drilling to reach substantial water reserves. Specialized equipment, materials, and commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume use are essential for installation. For such projects, our water well company is required to submit a detailed application to the city, including flow test results and a site plan, to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Residential wells are put in to deliver water for a single household’s daily requirements. Water well companies commonly excavate wells with a 6-inch diameter, reaching depths varying from 100 to 500 feet, contingent on water quality and location. State and local regulations require a safe distance between homes and wells because health hazards can arise with insufficient spacing.


Agricultural wells provide a consistent source of water for livestock and farming. These wells, which typically have a 6-inch diameter, are less expensive and safer for animals than municipal supplies. Your water well contractor will drill to an aquifer suitable for the agricultural needs of the site. Agricultural wells should not be used for irrigation or domestic reasons, but their dependability, uniformity, and ease make them extremely useful for animal care.


A large, 10-inch bore is an essential component of an industrial (or municipal) well. To fulfill the water demands of the city or facility, a reliable well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. These wells are integrated into storage systems capable of serving large-scale facilities or entire communities. Close collaboration between your local well service, local authorities, and engineers ensures that the well aligns with all standards and requirements.

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are deeply excavated holes that are drilled into the earth to reach water deep beneath the surface. This water resides within porous rock or sediment layers known as aquifers, which act as natural reservoirs. Utilizing a pump and an intricate network of pipes, water is drawn to the surface, while a screen ensures particle filtration to prevent blockages. Across the nation, millions of households rely on wells as their primary water source, with a variety of sizes and designs tailored to address the specific requirements of each property.

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