Water Well Service in Iron Mountain, MO

Since 1932, Patterson Well Drilling has been an enduring presence in the Iron Mountain community. Our family-owned, local water well service considers it a privilege to continue serving the fine people of Missouri after nearly a century in business. Our reputation as the leading well service in Iron Mountain is the result of our unwavering commitment, our fully insured, bonded, and licensed business, and our incredible team. We pride ourselves on hiring the most knowledgeable, skilled, and customer-oriented individuals. Whether you need pump supplies, 24/7 emergency assistance, repairs, drilling, or installation, we are dedicated to providing solutions to your every requirement. Contact us today to request a complimentary quote for any of our diverse services or to discuss your upcoming well project – your satisfaction is our top priority!

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What services do well companies offer?


Choosing the right well company is crucial because water access is part of your everyday life. Not only is Patterson Well Drilling well-seasoned, but we also pride ourselves on keeping up with every innovation that takes place in our industry so we can give our customers the best of the best. For well replacements, we offer complimentary quotes. Our careful approach ensures that we meet your expectations, from choosing the right well location to drilling and far beyond.


Stored within reservoirs, tanks, cisterns, or wells, pumps play a crucial role in ensuring consistent water availability. To maintain their effectiveness, routine upkeep is essential and should be entrusted to our local well service in Iron Mountain. For any pump-related services, repairs, replacement, or installation, feel free to reach out to Patterson Well Drilling.


Consistent well maintenance secures sustained performance and prevents costly service disruptions. Our personalized maintenance routines are strategically crafted to preempt potential issues, align with your lifestyle and needs, maintain uninterrupted water access, and spare you from hefty repair expenses.


Water well installation is an exacting, multi-step process that necessitates experience and care. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes each aspect of the project to ensure a dependable, long-lasting well for any application.


We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation as a respected Iron Mountain water well service capable of effectively repairing any well system, no matter its complexity. Place your trust in our skilled professionals to ensure the uninterrupted flow of water to your home. Be it a reservoir issue, pump complication, or any other intricate problem, our team is fully prepared to address every challenge that comes our way.


Patterson Well Drilling, your favorite local well resource, tailors unique wells to match the precise needs of our valued customers. With nearly a century of expertise, our skilled water well service meticulously designs each well to ensure it exceeds your expectations, and we drill with precision according to predetermined specifications for sustained access to clean water for the long term.

What are water wells and what is their job?

A well is a deep pit dug into the earth to reach subterranean water reserves. This water resides within porous sediment or rock layers known as aquifers, acting like natural sponges. A pump, combined with an intricate piping system, collaboratively carries the water, with a filter screen in place to strain out impurities and prevent obstructions. Wells serve as the primary water source for millions of American households, offering a range of designs and sizes tailored to meet the unique requirements of each property.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Industrial (or municipal) wells require the creation of a significant, 10-inch bore. In order to meet the demands of the city or facility, your reliable well contractor has to locate a high-volume aquifer. These wells connect to storage systems that distribute water to complete communities or large facilities. Your local well service collaborates closely with engineers and local authorities to ensure full compliance with all necessary requirements and standards for each well.


Residential wells serve as dedicated water sources for individual households’ daily demands. Typically, water well companies create a 6-inch diameter borehole, reaching depths of 100 to 500 feet, depending on location and water quality. To mitigate potential health risks, state and local regulations mandate a safe separation between homes and wells.


Commercial wells are a practical choice for applications like agriculture, water treatment, irrigation, and hydrofracturing, where substantial water volume is crucial. Installing these wells presents added complexity for contractors, as they typically require larger diameters (usually 8 to 24 inches) and deeper drilling to access larger water reservoirs. For installation, we must install a commercial-grade pump designed for high-volume use, and we must also utilize special equipment and materials. For such projects, our water well company is required to submit a detailed application to the city, including flow test results and a site plan, to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Agricultural wells are proven to be a steadfast water source for both livestock and farming needs. These wells, typically boasting a 6-inch diameter, offer a more cost-effective and animal-friendly option compared to municipal supplies. Your water well contractor will bore down to reach an aquifer tailored to the specific agricultural requirements of the site. While not suitable for irrigation or domestic use, the unwavering reliability, consistency, and ease of agricultural wells make them an invaluable asset for those who prioritize animal care.

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