Water Well Service in Crystal City, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been an integral part of Crystal City since its establishment in 1932. As a family-owned, local water well service, we have been privileged to serve Missouri’s discerning customers for nearly a century. Our full licensing, bonding, and insurance showcase our unwavering commitment to upholding an outstanding reputation as the most reliable well service in Crystal City. In assembling our well service team, we meticulously choose the most skilled, experienced, and qualified individuals. We are eager to assist you with 24-hour emergency services, drilling, repairs, installation, or pump supplies. Reach out today for a complimentary estimate on any of our services or to discuss how we can support your upcoming well project.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What services do well companies offer?


Pumps are indispensable for ensuring reliable water availability and are typically housed in cisterns, wells, reservoirs, or tanks. To uphold their peak performance, regular maintenance by our local well service in Crystal City is paramount. If you ever require pump-related assistance, whether it’s repair, service, installation, or replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out to Patterson Well Drilling.


Selecting the right well company is pivotal, given that water access is integral to your daily routine. Patterson Well Drilling stands out not only for our extensive experience, but also for our commitment to staying updated on the newest industry techniques and technologies. If your well requires replacement, we provide complimentary estimates. Our thorough approach, from choosing the ideal well location to the drilling process, is designed to surpass your expectations consistently.


We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation as a respected Crystal City water well service capable of effectively repairing any well system, no matter its complexity. Count on our adept professionals to ensure a continuous water supply for your household. Whether you’re facing pump concerns, reservoir issues, or any other significant problems, our team is well-prepared to tackle the task with expertise.


As your go-to local well service, Patterson Well Drilling creates one-of-a-kind wells to meet our customers’ every need. With almost a century of experience, our seasoned water well service employs precision drilling, strict adherence to meticulously planned specifications, and an unwavering commitment to offering you uninterrupted access to clean water.


Establishing a well involves adhering to a sequence of distinct procedures, each demanding meticulous attention and expertise. Patterson Well Drilling prioritizes each step of the project in order to provide you with a dependable and long-lasting well.


Routine well maintenance will help you avoid costly service interruptions and ensure peak performance. Our personalized maintenance routines are strategically crafted to preempt potential issues, align with your lifestyle and needs, maintain uninterrupted water access, and spare you from hefty repair expenses.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Residential wells are installed to supply water for the everyday needs of a single household. Water well companies typically bore a 6-inch diameter hole at a 100- to 500-foot depth, depending upon location and water quality. State and local regulations require a safe distance between homes and wells because health hazards can arise with insufficient spacing.


A 10-inch borehole is required for municipal (or industrial) wells. To cater to the water needs of facilities or cities, a reliable well contractor must locate a high-capacity aquifer. This type of well is connected to a storage system that is capable of serving sizable facilities or whole communities. Your local well service collaborates with engineers and local authorities to guarantee that each well complies with all pertinent requirements and standards.


Agricultural wells are a wonderful choice for anyone in need of a dependable, steady water source for farming or livestock. They offer a cost-effective and animal-friendly alternative to municipal water supplies, often featuring a 6-inch diameter. Your water well contractor will drill to an aquifer suitable for the agricultural needs of the site. While agricultural wells are not well-suited for domestic or irrigation purposes, they are still a very convenient, consistent, and reliable part of any animal care routine.


Commercial wells are specifically engineered to meet substantial water needs, supporting applications like water treatment, agricultural, hydrofracturing, and irrigation processes. Their increased complexity for contractors arises from the need for large diameters ranging from 8 to 24 inches, along with their need for deeper drilling to access ample water reserves. Specialized equipment, materials, and commercial-grade high-volume pumps are essential for the installation process. Prior to starting construction, our water well company is obligated to submit a comprehensive application to your city, including a detailed site layout and flow test outcomes, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

What are water wells and what is their job?

A well is a subterranean water reservoir accessible through a deep borehole. This water is absorbed and stored in an aquifer, which is a layer of permeable sediment or rock. Utilizing a pump and an intricate network of pipes, water is drawn to the surface, while a screen ensures particle filtration to prevent blockages. Millions of households across the nation rely on wells for their water supply, with a range of sizes and designs available to meet specific property requirements.

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