Water Well Service in Festus, MO

Since 1932, Patterson Well Drilling has been a fixture in the Festus region. As a family-owned, local water well service, we’ve been privileged to serve Missouri’s wonderful customers for nearly a century. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we work hard every day to maintain our stellar reputation as the preferred well service in Festus. We meticulously select each individual for our well service team, prioritizing their skills, professionalism, and qualifications. We are delighted to assist you with 24-hour emergency services, drilling, repairs, installation, or pump supplies. Contact us today to request a complimentary quote for any of our diverse services or to discuss your upcoming well project – your satisfaction is our top priority!

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

What are water wells and what is their job?

Wells are essentially excavations driven into the earth to reach groundwater located deep underground. This water is retained within permeable rock or sediment known as aquifers, which act as natural sponges to absorb the water. A pump, along with an intricate network of pipes, serves to transport the water to the surface, while a filtering screen is utilized to prevent clogging by particles. Millions of households across the nation rely on wells for their water supply, with a range of sizes and designs available to meet specific property requirements.

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Commercial wells prove invaluable when significant water volumes are required for purposes like agriculture, irrigation, hydrofracturing, and water treatment. Planning and installing these wells poses increased complexity for contractors due to their deeper drilling requirements and the need for a larger diameter – typically ranging from 8 to 24 inches – to access sufficient water reserves. Installation demands specialized materials and equipment, along with commercial-grade pumps tailored for high-volume usage. Our water well company is required to submit an extensive application to your city before commencing construction, which includes a detailed site plan and flow test data.


A 10-inch borehole is required for municipal (or industrial) wells. Your dependable well contractor must discover a high-volume aquifer in order to meet the water needs of the city or facility. These wells connect to storage systems that serve entire communities or large facilities. Your local well service collaborates closely with engineers and local authorities to ensure that each well fully complies with essential requirements and standards.


Residential wells are set up to cater to the daily water requirements of individual households. Water well companies typically create a 6-inch diameter hole, reaching depths of 100 to 500 feet, contingent on water quality and location. Local and state regulations stipulate safe well-to-house proximity because inadequate spacing can pose health hazards.


For those in need of a reliable, consistent water source for farming or livestock, agricultural wells are a great option. This type of well is often dug at 6 inches in diameter, and they are hailed for their safety and cost efficiency in comparison to municipal water supplies. Your water well contractor will continue drilling until an aquifer is found that will suit your property’s specific needs. While agricultural wells are not well-suited for domestic or irrigation purposes, they are still a very convenient, consistent, and reliable part of any animal care routine.

What services do well companies offer?


Patterson Well Drilling, your trusted community well specialist, tailors well solutions to match your distinct needs. With nearly a century of expertise, our skilled water well service meticulously crafts each well to exceed your every expectation, ensuring the provision of clean water with precise drilling at predefined specifications for sustained water access.


Constructing a water well is a meticulous, multi-stage endeavor demanding skill and precision. At Patterson Well Drilling, we prioritize each phase of the project, ensuring a well-founded and enduring result for your needs.


Ensuring your daily water needs are met makes choosing the right well company essential. Not only is Patterson Well Drilling well-seasoned, but we also pride ourselves on keeping up with every innovation that takes place in our industry so we can give our customers the best of the best. If you require a well replacement, we offer free estimates. Our detailed approach, from choosing the optimal well site to the drilling process and beyond, is tailored to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Stored within reservoirs, tanks, cisterns, or wells, pumps play a crucial role in ensuring consistent water availability. Regular maintenance by our local well service in Festus is crucial to keep them functioning properly. When you need pump-related assistance, whether it’s installation, replacement, repair, or service, don’t hesitate to contact Patterson Well Drilling.


Regular well maintenance assures long-term performance and avoids expensive service outages. Our customized maintenance plans handle any potential concerns ahead of time, saving you money on repairs, ensuring consistent water access, and catering to your specific demands and lifestyle.


We’ve built a solid reputation as a top-tier Festus water well service that excels in resolving even the most complex well system issues. You can place your confidence in our expert team to ensure the continuous and trouble-free flow of water to your residence. Whether you’re grappling with problems related to your reservoir, pump, or other sophisticated matters, our skilled team is more than capable of addressing and resolving these challenges.

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