Water Well Service in Belleview, MO

Patterson Well Drilling has been a staple in the Belleview community since 1932. As family-owned, local water well service, we have proudly catered to our valued customers in Missouri for almost 100 wonderful years. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and we work hard to preserve our excellent reputation as the finest well service in Belleview. Our remarkable team is made up of highly skilled, seasoned, and professional well specialists, dedicated to surpassing your every expectation. We are happy to help you with 24-hour emergency services, pump supplies, installation, repairs, or drilling. Give us a call today to find out how our team can exceed your expectations or to receive a free estimate on any of our services.

Water Well Facts from a Trusted Well Service

How does each well type distinguish itself from the next?


Residential wells are installed to supply water for the everyday needs of a single household. Typically, water well companies drill wells with a 6-inch diameter, varying in depth from 100 to 500 feet, taking into account water quality and location. Compliance with state and local regulations is imperative, as they mandate a safe separation between homes and wells to mitigate potential health risks associated with inadequate spacing.


Commercial wells are generally intended to meet large water demands for uses such as hydrofracturing, water treatment, irrigation, and agriculture. Planning and installing these wells poses increased complexity for contractors due to their deeper drilling requirements and the need for a larger diameter – typically ranging from 8 to 24 inches – to access sufficient water reserves. Installation necessitates commercial-grade pumps designed for high-volume use, along with specialized equipment and materials. Prior to commencing construction, our water well company is obliged to furnish an extensive application to your city, including a comprehensive site layout and flow test results, to guarantee adherence to regulatory standards.


For those in need of a reliable, consistent water source for farming or livestock, agricultural wells are a great option. Typically designed with a 6-inch diameter, these wells are celebrated for their safety and cost-effectiveness when compared to municipal water supplies. Your water well contractor will bore down to tap into an aquifer tailored to the agricultural requirements of the property. While not suitable for irrigation or domestic use, these wells offer the benefits of reliability, consistency, and convenience, making them a valuable asset for animal care.


Industrial (or municipal) wells necessitate the establishment of a substantial, 10-inch bore. To fulfill the water requirements of the city or facility, your trustworthy well contractor must identify a high-capacity aquifer. This type of well is attached to a storage system that can serve large facilities or entire communities. A close relationship between your local well service, engineers, and local authorities ensures that all standards and regulations are met.

What are water wells and what is their job?

A well is essentially a deep hole dug into the ground to tap into the water hidden beneath. The water is stored in porous rock or sediment layers called aquifers, which soak the water up. A pump and a network of pipes work together to carry water to the surface, while a screen filters out contaminants and keeps blockages at bay. Wells are used as a domestic water source in millions of American houses, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes to fulfill the individual demands of a property.

What services do well companies offer?


Pumps are essential for dependable water access, and they are stored in cisterns, wells, tanks, or reservoirs. Periodic maintenance by our local well service in Belleview is critical to keeping them in good working order. For pump repairs, service, installation, or replacement, contact Patterson Well Drilling.


Consistent well maintenance secures sustained performance and prevents costly service disruptions. Tailored maintenance plans anticipate and address potential issues in advance, providing cost savings on repairs, maintaining a reliable water supply, and accommodating your unique demands and lifestyle.


As your go-to local well service, Patterson Well Drilling creates one-of-a-kind wells to meet our customers’ every need. Our seasoned water well service employs nearly 100 years of experience to design your well, drill with accuracy, follow every meticulously planned specification, and provide our customers with constant access to fresh water.


Crafting a well involves navigating numerous meticulous steps, each demanding considerable attention and expertise. At Patterson Well Drilling, we prioritize each phase of the project, ensuring a well-founded and enduring result for your needs.


Our acclaimed Belleview water well service is known for our ability to repair any well system, no matter how intricate. You can count on our expertise to keep your domestic water supply running smoothly. Whether you’re grappling with pump malfunctions, reservoir issues, or other substantial concerns, our skilled crew is more than capable of tackling the job.


Selecting the optimal well company is crucial, as daily water access is a necessity. Patterson Well Drilling not only boasts extensive experience, but also takes pride in staying abreast of every industry innovation to provide our customers with top-notch service. For well replacements, we offer complimentary quotes. Our meticulous approach, from site selection to drilling and beyond, is geared towards ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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